Redesigning a management system, that is used by hotels all over the world May - Aug, 2023


Innova is a PMS (Property Management System) created by Solentrem and
used by hotel chains worldwide. The product offers solutions designed to organize all guest properties at one place, improve the receptions experience, and efficiently manage the system for all on-site workers. We chose to focus on redesigning the screens that receptionists interact with.

Behind Our Decision

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of the existing system and carefully prioritizing critical user flows, we followed a distinct approach. This allowed us to create a well-crafted solution for the PMS system, showcasing our unique work style and decision-making process, which made a significant difference in the final outcome.


We found that the core problem is that receptionists are struggling learning the system and work efficiently because of its complexity and incompatibility for daily workloads, such as taking orders, getting relevant hotel information and charging guests.

Research - User Interviews

We called 12 hotels but only 6 of them using the Innova system. Here are some of the key questions and answers :

Empathy Through Quotes

We gathered quotes from our interviews records and converted the original quotes into emotions in order to reduce receptionist's frustrations and deliver more compatible system for their real needs.


High Fidelity Screens

In Conclusion

If I were to approach the project again, I would prioritize time management in the wireframing phase rather than striving for absolute perfection. While attention to detail was valuable, we could have made progress without getting too caught up in small details. However, I am proud of our efficient work prioritization. By targeting specific screens within user flows for redesign, we effectively addressed user concerns identified during interviews, minimizing unnecessary back-and-forth iterations. This streamlined approach significantly accelerated our progress and resulted in a successful solution for the hotel's PMS system.

Proudly built by me


Proudly built by me